August 22, 2010

Experimental Sundays - the first one

So, a lot of bloggers do theme days... Wordless Wednesdays, Thankful Thursdays and the like. I have decided that for me, I’ll have Experimental Sundays. No, I know that doesn’t have the same pithy alliteration but I like it. And besides, it is generally the one day of the week that I am almost always home for a good part of the day and I can take the time to try different recipes.

Today is Sunday, and I decide I am finally brave/hungry enough to try the baby food I bought the other day. In keeping with the whole always-prepared thing I seem to subscribe to, I thought I’d pick up a few flavours of baby food to try in anticipation of my future with a jaw wired shut. After reading labels, I figure I can totally make most of the blended “foods” myself like sweet potatoes and squash and such so I stuck to mostly to the fruits. Right now I am sampling “Strawberry Dessert”. Its... interesting. And according to the label, the nutritional goodness is low. Hmmm. I am okay with making/blending my own foods but I was hoping to have at least a few simple shortcuts in the way of pre-packaged “food” meant for babies. I really don’t think I could eat too much of it. It’s curiously bland but you totally get the flavour they were going for. I'm not terribly eager to try the "Turkey with Vegetables" I bought.

Note to self: when you get the bright idea to use a pretty cloth as a photo backdrop, iron it first


  1. Oo, I remember eating baby food! I thought the fruit ones were the best. Wasn't a fan of the meat ones. Then again, neither is Kirra now LOL

    Oh, I tried blending meat one time... wound up with a right mess on my braces >:(

  2. I remember eating baby food! The fruit ones were definitely the best ones. Meat blends, not so much. Kirra doesn't care for them either, lol!

    ps - this is attempt number 3 at posting *shakesfist*