August 24, 2010

I'm not above asking for help

I had a long chat with my mom last night and told her about this blog, after telling her exactly what a blog is. “You’ve had it since January and I am only finding out about it NOW?” was her exclamation. LOL She shouldn’t feel bad, the only person who knew about it until quite recently was my husband. We also had a wee laugh over the name I chose. I wanted something memorable, and I think the one I have does nicely. She chuckled over my account of taste testing baby food, then we talked about how when I was an infant, I never ate pre-made baby food as she made everything I ate. I expect I will ask her for much help when I am in the healing stage!

Tonight I went on errands to get some things in preparation for my (ugh, 30th) birthday party this Sunday afternoon. I am coordinating with my mom and stepmom to make sure I have many of my favourite foods at the party. I am absolutely going to try blending a few things together and seeing what sort of things I will find palatable. I am curious to see what I can make!

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  1. LOL! That's funny that you are trying baby food for the first time as an adult. ...and you don't have a baby!