January 13, 2012

A Tale Worth Reading

There are lots of blogs out there chronicling peoples' trip through braces and jaw surgery. Some are graphic, terrifying, hopeful and some are just confusing. Well, tonight I came across an almost daily journal of a guy in Alberta who went through double jaw surgery somewhat like what I'll be going through in 3 short weeks (as of right now there are no plans for me having a splint). If you are interested in reading a candid and well written tale of jaw surgery, check out: http://doublejawsurgery.com/
(and it doesn't hurt that the guy is 100% adorable too!)

In other news I got my letter today from the Department of Oral and Maxiofacial Surgery today... one little sheet of paper to confirm that on February 3rd I'll be having my face rearranged (as it were) by my surgeon. I also have my pre-op day booked for the 25th of January. They tell me to anticipate a full day of hospital appointments. From what I've been told by others who've gone through it at this hospital, there is a lot of "hurry up and wait" where you sit in a waiting room for ages and the actual x-rays/measurements/impressions take an alarmingly short amount of time. I expect the ole Kobo will get a lot of reading time in on that day!

So now here I am with three weeks to go. Butterflies take flight thru my insides when I think about what is to come and I try and quiet them with careful planning and a heart full of hope. Or else I'm just like an ostrich with my head in the sand!


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