September 8, 2011

New Surgery Date

So it has been a few months since my last post.
New wires. Power chains. Push coils. Tender teeth. Soft foods.

But also camping, hiking, swimming, sun, family, friends. It has been an amazing summer. When my teeth are sore, my wonderful husband is more than happy to share meals with me that are easy for me to chew.

And so we come to today. I had a visit to the orthodontist this morning. As I'd had impressions take 2 days ago I knew I would today get word from my ortho whether he recommended moving up my surgery date or leaving it as is.

And the verdict is...

New surgery date of February 3, 2012.

It is only 2 months sooner than my original date, and it means I"ll be playing an abberviated curling season. It also means I'll be wired shut for my husband's birthday and Valentines Day which makes me sad only because we won't be getting our annual heart shaped pizza.

I am excited anxious nervous curious about what lies ahead.

When you were given your surgery date, what feelings were you most aware of?


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