May 5, 2011

How about a little S&M in my mouth?

On Monday morning, I got a power chain (bottom teeth) and 2 push coils (top teeth). It is now Thursday night and my teeth STILL HURT. I mean I can finally chew my food but still can't eat anything crunchy. I tried a granola bar at work today and lets just say it was not a successful snack.

But the power chain and push coils are designed to made teeth MOVE and that they do! When I told my husband what I had done at the orthodontist, he said the new additions to the braces sounded kinky. Then he saw me and said with the push coils, it looked like my mouth made a perfect electrical circuit. Hardy har har.

But as I have 7-ish months until surgery I just need to suck it up and take ibuprofin for the pain and use wax on irritating brackets while dreaming of crisp apples and juicy corn on the cob!


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