March 30, 2011

Back from outer space aka. Remember me, I used to blog here

Hey. It's been a while. Hmm, a long while.

But here I am! Still braced. Teeth, they are a movin.

Last Tuesday morning I went to the orthodontist for another wire change. The week previous I had impressions taken to determine my bite's progress. In my mind I was hoping that he would look at the molds and say "hey, lets make that surgery date closer" but as the end of my appointment got closer and he didn't say anything. So I said to him, "13 more months of this huh?" And then he looked at the mold in his hands and said what I was hoping he would. Surgery date is going to be about three months sooner.


Yeah, it is what I wanted to hear and then, when I did, I felt my breath catch a little.

I guess in my mind, I have been fixated on April 20, 2012 as my surgery date since October so when the thought of it being sooner was a bit overwhelming for my brain. But then I thought about it. Pfft... I have already done reading and reasearch and I'll be game for whenever and whatever the ortho and surgeon throw at me.

Blender, food processor, mom's juicer... I'm good to go!


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