July 23, 2010

And we're off...

So my days as a bare-toothed gal are numbered… on Tuesday I had my x-rays, impressions and wax moulds done at the Orthodontist’s office. I was not looking forward to the impressions as I have a ridiculous gag reflex that engages even just thinking about tongue depressors. Anyhow, the impressions went shockingly easy (no gagging!) even though the bottom mould needed to be re-done as the impression material came away from the bite tray when the technician removed it. I blame the humidity we’ve been suffering through lately.

No... the worst part of the whole visit was the x-rays. With every bite-wing the tech put in my mouth I fought (and often lost) the urge to gag. I felt bad for the tech and kept apologising to her for ruining her chance at yet another x-ray shot of my bite. But, I got through it and now I wait for the day I get my braces affixed to my teeth. My scheduled appointment is Thursday September 2nd but I am on a cancellation list so I may get in sooner.

I am excited and a bit nervous. I remember the ache I felt in my teeth and gums when I had braces at age 12 and am not eager to relive it, especially considering I am almost 30 and my mouth has stopped growing and the shifting of my teeth with take more effort. Luckily there is not a lot of movement required of each tooth this time around so I am hopeful! I am going to stock up on Ibuprofen, Tylenol and dental wax!

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